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A new survey offers a complex view of what it's like to be an LGBT American. Ray Suarez talks with Paul Taylor, co-author of the survey, and Gary Gates of UCLA.




Gary J. Gates talks with KPCC's A Martinez about the need for better LGBT data.

TestTube News (a Discovery Digital Network) interviews Gary J. Gates and asks "How Gay is America?"

Gary Gates discusses the LGBT vote in the Presidential Election on MSNBC with Thomas Roberts.

The new book The Gay and Lesbian Atlas uses Census Bureau statistics to map out areas of the country where gays live and raise their children. NPR's Steve Inskeep talks to the book's lead author, Gary Gates.

How many legal same-sex marriages are there in the U.S.?

Since June 2015, same-sex couples have spent over $1.3 billion on their weddings. Gary Gates discusses this year's same-sex wedding bonanza.

TIME Magazine takes you inside the efforts to finally identify the size of the nation’s LGBT population.

Gary J. Gates discusses the challenges associated with collecting LGBT data.

Gary Gates achieved renown for his demographic studies on the country's LGBT community. Nowadays he is looking to make a mark in viticulture.

Gary J. Gates discusses the amicus brief he filed in the US Supreme Court marriage equality case.

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